Give crypto to people in need

GiveCrypto is a nonprofit that distributes cryptocurrency to people living in poverty. By using crypto and blockchain technologies, we can put funds directly in the hands of the impoverished and the unbanked.

Global impact

Our mission is to financially empower individuals by distributing cryptocurrency to those most in need.

GiveCrypto connects donors and recipients anywhere in the world. Over the past three years, we've impacted the lives of thousands of individuals and their families via direct crypto transfers.

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How it works

Over one billion people have a smartphone but don't have access to basic financial services

At GiveCrypto, we not only identify recipients in need and distribute funds to theme - we also connect those people to a truly open financial system. All it takes is access to the internet.

Explanation of how it works

Why give people crypto instead of cash?

Putting money directly in the hands of our recipients is our primary goal. Cryptocurrency offers the best way to do that

Crypto democratizes the philanthropic process. We can send cryptocurrency directly to any recipient and they’ll receive it instantly. This includes people without bank accounts and those living in places where fiat money is “broken”.

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